What Is Non-Contact Spectrophotometry?

Accuracy and efficiency are crucial in the realm of color measurement. With non-contact spectrophotometry, you can optimize instrument performance and precision, leading to accurate results for even the most challenging samples. What Is Non-Contact Spectrophotometry? Non-contact spectrophotometry combines spectrophotometry with color imaging procedures to characterize highly complex materials. Like standard spectrophotometry, non-contact spectrophotometry facilitates the […]

Spectrophotometry vs. Spectroscopy

Spectrophotometry vs. Spectroscopy Spectrophotometry and spectroscopy are undoubtedly similar words — however, these terms are not interchangeable. While spectrophotometry and spectroscopy deal with related concepts, they focus on different scientific interactions and outcomes to gain varying insights. Through this guide, you’ll learn about the difference between spectrophotometry and spectroscopy, their basic definitions and the instruments […]

Spectrophotometry in Forensics

Through forensic spectrophotometry, analysts can intensely study crime scene evidence using the power of electromagnetic imaging. Spectrophotometry is the process of scientifically and objectively measuring color and radio wavelengths. It is more dependable than using human eyes, and it provides reproducible results on an easy-to-understand scale. With spectrophotometry, forensic examiners can distinguish between the chemical […]

Measuring the Color of Protein Powder Using Spectrophotometry Enhances Appeal

Protein powder needs to be consistent in color and visually appealing to customers, as this improves its perception of quality. Image Source: Shutterstock user Oksana Mizina From professional athletes to vegetarians and vegans, thousands of people around the world use protein powder supplements to meet their nutritional needs and color is one of the most […]

Spectrophotometry Ensures Total Transparency in Smartphone Crystal Glue

Smartphones have created their own industry ecosystem. Image Credit: Unsplash user Gilles Lambert Revolutionary products create their own ecosystems. Take the automobile for example. Cars have changed the face of the world. Their usage created a need for paved roads, highways, driveways, and parking lots. As a result of their ubiquity, communities changed their layouts […]

Spectrophotometry Enhances Color Consistency in Architectural Glass

Reflective glass has replaced concrete in the facade of many modern buildings. Image Credit: Flickr User paul bica “Why didn’t anybody check that?” asked Stephanie. “You must’ve noticed it during installation, right? It must’ve been pretty obvious that a quarter of the panes weren’t the same color as the rest. How come you didn’t stop […]