Do you need to replace a damaged Instrument White Tile?

12-03-29 03 damaged USPRO Japanese Opal white instrument standard

FAQ: “I’m attaching a couple of pictures that I took from one of our UltraScan PROs. You see there is a crack on the white tile which does not look good to me. Do we need to replace this instrument white tile standard?

 Unfortunately, this instrument white tile will need to be replaced.

Instrument tiles used to standardize colorimetric instruments are typically made porcelain-on-steel, porcelain-on-clay or Japanese opal. To be an effective working standard where the instrument is forced to match the assigned values of a calibrated white tile, standard tiles must be uniform across the surface, stable, cleanable and durable. For additional protection, standards are typically encased in a black holder with alignment pins to center the tile at the port.

  • Chipping around the edges of a tile standard will not compromise the performance as the center of the tile is always used to standardize the instrument.
  • A small scratch on the face of the tile standard is seldom significant as the instrument typically reads a larger area of view.
  • Abrasion across the center of the tile may require tile replacement but as these tiles have a very hard glass or ceramic finish, a material such as diamond with a Mohs hardness greater than 5 or 6, would be required to significantly abrade the tile surface.
  • If the standard is broken in pieces as above or bent, it will need replacement.

HunterLab can help with this. For more information, see “Replacing Instrument White Tile” and contact our company.

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