Is there a difference between Glass and plastic sample cups for color measurement?

FAQ: “Is there any difference between measuring in a glass sample cup and a plastic sample cup?”

There is very little difference between measuring a sample in a glass cup versus a plastic cup. The glass sample cup provided by HunterLab is optical quality glass and is recommended. However, there are some instances where a plastic sample cup might be needed. If the plastic is a good quality plastic and is optically clear, it should yield very similar results to that of a glass sample cup.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a plastic sample cup. Once the optical quality of the plastic sample cup is compromised (for example scratches or stains) the sample cup should be replaced with a new one. Another thing to take into consideration if your sample is not opaque (or nearly opaque) is path length of the sample. In non-opaque samples a consistent path length must be maintained or results will be affected.

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