Measuring small sample quantities with ColorFlex

FAQ: “My customer has a ColorFlex 45:0 LAV and needs to measure a very small amount of sample in a cup. Do we have a sample cup for small quantities?”

CMR-3011 is a  35 mm (1.5 in) diameter port for the ColorFlex that is designed to center a disposable polystyrene tissue culture dish (35 mm OD/30 mm ID x 10 mm high), to measure small quantities of powder, granules and pastes.

Disposable plastic Fisherbrand Media-Miser Disposable Petri Dish, (35 mm OD/30 mm ID x 10 mm high), clear polystyrene, are available from a third-party source – Fisher Scientific, catalogue number 08-757-11YZ .

If the sample is effectively opaque, there should be no need to cover the sample dish at the port. If not, order 04-4000-00 Sample Cup Opaque Cover to serve as a consistent black surround.

FAQ: “Do you have the same for Agera?”

Agera/VSI CMR-2836 Port for 35 mm (1.5 in) diameter dish provides a port insert for the same disposable, tissue culture dishes. The Agera must be fitted with the VSI – Variable Sample Illumination option to image a 25 mm (1.00 in) diameter area of view of the dish.

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