How do I measure a very dark chromatic sample in Transmittance?

FAQ: “How do I measure a very chromatic and dark sample in transmittance?

Is there a smaller path length cell that I can use for my dark chromatic sample? It currently does not transmit much signal through my 10mm cell.”

Yes, HunterLab does offer a smaller 2mm path length top loading cell for very dark chromatic samples that can not be properly measured at larger path lengths.

The top loading 2 mm path length transmission cell (D04-1015-179) can be used with Vista, UltraScan PRO, or UltraScan VIS instruments. This transmission cell must be used with the flow-though transmission cell holder (D01-1009-960 sold separately).

Pictured: 2mm transmittance cell with flow-through cell holder.

Install the flow-through cell holder in the transmittance compartment making sure that the specular-exclusion port door is closed. Standardize the instrument in TTRAN mode with the top loading 2mm cell filled with distilled water (or another clear solvent.) After standardization, remove the distilled water blank from the cell (with a pipet or syringe) then inject the sample to be measured into the cell and replace the screw cap.

The top loading cell may need to be cleaned periodically. To do this use a glass cleaner on the exterior of the cell and repeatedly inject and remove distilled water from the interior of the cell.

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