How do I use the round Small Volume (4 ml) 10 mm Transmittance Cell?

HunterLab’s round cell (A13-1011-613) is a practical small volume cell for transmittance color and haze measurements.

A13-1011-613 Small Volume (4 ml) Transmission Cell with 10 mm path length

This small, round, optically clear, manual loading, transmittance cell has a 10 mm path length and a screw top. It was originally developed to measure the color and haze of small volumes of very expensive development drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.The cell is made of clear borosilicate glass. Quartz is not needed for color measurement.

This cell has both an inject-a-cell top (that allows the client to use a needle to load the cell through an injectable silicone membrane in the cell top) and second solid propylene top (good for volatile liquids).

A13-1011-613Small Volume Transmission Cell in D02-1011-886 Transmission Holder
Small Volume Transmission Cell in Transmittance Holder

A special Transmittance Holder (D02-1011-886) is needed to consistently center this round cell at  the TTRAN or RTRAN port positions of HunterLab’s  Vista, UltraScan PRO and UltraScan VIS sensors. This round glass cell has an OD of 28 mm and an ID of 25 mm which just covers the transmittance port. If you fill the cell to the top, 5 ml of sample volume is needed. If you fill the cell to the bottom of the screw top above the viewed sample area, the volume required is 4 ml of sample. By comparison, the standard rectangular HunterLab 10 mm cell uses 20 ml of sample. The throat of the inlet port has a 12-mm OD and an 8-mm ID allowing the cell to be loaded quickly with a pipette or needle.

 A13-1011-613 round, small volume 10 mm transmission cell centered at sensor TTRAN port.
A13-1011-613 round, small volume 10 mm transmission cell centered at sensor TTRAN port.

The 10 mm path length allows the user to standardize to top-of-scale (100% transmittance) using the cell with distilled water negating any cell effects, and yet still have sufficient path length to differentiate small amounts of chromophores in near-clear liquids, as well as measure sensitive metrics like YI Yellowness Index or the APHA/Pt-Co/Hazen color scale if desired.

Transmittance Haze measurements can also be made at the same time as the color measurements in TTRAN LAV mode.

Specifications for the HunterLab round small volume glass cells are as follows:

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HunterLab Catalog Number

Path Length (mm)

Diameter of Measurement Face (mm)

Port OD/ID


Approximate Cell Volume Needed (ml)











FAQ: Do you have the same cell in a 20 mm path length?

HunterLab has a CMR-3111 20 mm version round cell that is the same as the 10 mm round cell but with an increased 20 mm path length.

8 ml Min Vol Round 20 mm Trans Cell (CMR-3111)  Used with CQXE, CQXT, USPRO, USVIS

Provides a transmittance cell with a 10 mm path length that just covers the TTRAN port and requires just 8 ml of sample volume. The cell is round with a 25 mm diameter ID and 28 mm diameter OD. The inlet port for manual loading has an 8 mm diameter. The cell comes with two PTFE screw caps – 1 injection and 1 solid. The cell is used with HunterLab Transmittance Holder (D02-1011-886 purchased separately).

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