Stained Instrument Light Blocker

FAQ: “The black plate was accidentally stained with a oil-like substance. The oil can’t be removed by using clean wipe. Can you advise how can we remove the stain? Can we wash it with detergent?”

13-06-26 01a A04-1011-745 Light Blocker StainThe purpose of this instrument standard is to block light from getting to the detector during transmission standardization. In terms of functionality, it does not matter if the paint on this metal piece is stained or if the blocker is even painted.

This piece is black because as a general principle, HunterLab applies a durable, matte black anodized coating to any part intended for the internal operation of the instrument to minimize light scattering. It also makes the part look better to our customers.

To fix this stain, you can:

  • Clean this oil stain with any detergent or solvent you wish to use. It does not matter if the cleaning process causes some fading or other cosmetic change in the anodized coating as it will not interfere with the intended use of the part.
  • You can paint the Light Blocker with matte black paint to cover the stain.
  • You can order this part as A04-1011-745 Transmission Light Blocking Plate from HunterLab if you want a new replacement.

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