Can Power Supplies in HunterLab Instruments be used everywhere?

ColorFlex EZ AC Adaptor and Universal 120/220 Volt Power SupplyFAQ: “We need to take our Agera instrument to Germany for some plant trial testing.  Our machine is a US spectrophotometer 110v unit and, obviously, the power supply in Germany is 220v. The label on the back of the instrument says ‘110v-220v’, which sounds a little ambiguous to me.  Do we need a voltage transformer or can we get away with only using a plug adapter (does not step down current from 220v, only changes plug shape)?  We don’t want to ruin our baby!”

All instruments currently sold by HunterLab come equipped with a universal power supply that autoselects the correct voltage depending on the electrical system of the country. This “110V-240V” rating means that the power supply will automatically switch from 110 to 240 volts without requiring a special voltage adapter or user intervention by changing a switch setting on the adaptor. The only requirement is that the power cord connector that goes into the wall socket which must match what is used in the country. Even if you are travelling and don’t have a connector adaptor for the wall socket, you can easilly purchase one locally.

FAQ: “When I ordered my Agera sensor, there was a choice of “LSXE” for 110 volt and “LSXE-2″ for 220 volt. Is there a difference?”

Historically instruments had separate power supplies for 110 volt and 220 volt systems and purchasing agents wanted to ensure that they purchase the correct power supply for the country that the instrument was being shipped to. The distinction in order numbers is just to ensure the comfort level of the purchasing agent.

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Power supplies today are typically universal and can auto-adapt to a range of input voltage options from as low as 90 volts to as high as 240 volts. It’s the same idea as when you travel to different countries with your laptop. You use the same power supply but just have to put a different wall plug adaptor on the power cord to use the computer in different countries.

HunterLab ships new sensor units with universal power supplies and the appropriate power cord connector for the country where the unit is going to.

FAQ: “Do your instruments need a UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supply?”

As long as the power from the wall socket is steady, a UPS should not be necessary. Our systems can accommodate a power fluctuation of +/- 10% without difficulty.

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