Wet Specimen Port for the MiniScan EZ 45/0 LAV

FAQ: “Do we have a method of reading wet paint with a MSEZ-4500L? Short legs etc?”

HunterLab has a field-installable, wet specimen port (D02-1014-416) featuring a thin, circular, raised lip to keep the port flush and above the wet layer. It is used to measure the color of wet samples like a paint or coating drawn down or adhered to a solid support such as glass, stiff plastic or cardboard. The wet sample is in contact only with the raised lip making instrument clean up easier.

Color Measurement Method for Wet Coatings using the MSEZ Wet Specimen port

  1. Replace the regular port with the Wet Specimen port (D02-1014-416).
  2. Configure the MiniScan Setup to report the color scale, illuminant and observer needed for measurement.
  3. Standardize the instrument with the screw-on Wet Sample End Cap (A02-1014-431) in contact with the instrument black glass and calibrated white tile standards.
  4. Place Wet Specimen port in contact with wet coating layer.
  5. After measurement, wipe the port clean.

Please note that the MiniScan EZ Diagnostic short term and long term repeatability tests for performance require that the Wet Sample End Cap (A02-1014-431) be replaced with a screw-on, Open End Cap 32 mm (1.25 in) diameter (provided) (D04-1014-381).

FAQ: Why don’t you use pins to offset the wet specimen?

As a design requirement, pins require a thicker base than a port plate for anchoring. It is difficult to adjust the pins to be exactly at the same offset from the wet specimen.   Further, it is difficult to keep the pin adjustment in place over time. When attempting inter-instrument agreement with multiple instruments, this becomes even more difficult. The ring works best as an integral part of the port.

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