How to Measure Small Samples

How can HunterLab instruments measure products of small quantities or small volumes?

Examples of small quantity sample holders.
Examples of small quantity sample holders.

In these instances it is important to use the smallest amount of sample for color measurement. HunterLab has a wide variety of solutions to accurately and consistently measure the color of small samples including solids, powders, and liquids. The challenge is being able to measure the small samples in a way that provides an accurate and repeatable measurement for the customer. This is achieved through the use of special instrument accessories.

For solids that are measured in reflectance the port opening area is reduced (first picture above.) Several HunterLab instruments offer the ability to measure in a Small Area View (SAV) such as the Agera and the UltraScan PRO. Often times a chemical company that produces powder will need to measure very small amounts of their sample. These measurements are taken in reflectance mode with a special powder holder port plate (second picture above.) With this device the sample is scooped into the holder and packed down with a plunger. For the customers who need to measure small quantities of liquids in transmission HunterLab has developed a semi-micro cell holder (third picture above.) Special beam reducing optics have been fitted into the holder and the customer can choose a 10mm or 20mm transmission cell.

The need to measure small quantities of samples is a very prominent concern for our customers. HunterLab has developed several accessories to satisfy these needs. These accessories help to provide accurate and repeatable measurements for customers with unique requirements using our existing instruments.

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