Measuring the Color of Clear Liquids

Liquid Fragrance Sample
Liquid Fragrance Sample

HunterLab diffuse sphere instruments are often used to measure liquid samples, especially clear liquids. The liquid fragrance shown above is one such example of a clear liquid. The fragrances is so clear that is resembles water.

Fragrances such as this are often added to cleaning supplies, air fresheners, or other consumer products. One of the problems that this type of sample can experience is that the chemistry of the liquid fragrance solution can deteriorate and the solution will start to visually yellow. This is often a concern for manufactures because if the liquid fragrance yellows it cannot be added to the end product.

HunterLab sphere instruments can measure the transmitted color of the liquid and report the yellowness index. The liquid fragrance should be measured in a 20mm path length cell. Since the sample is very clear, near water in color, this slightly larger path length allows for the light to pass through more of the sample. This measurement method ensures that smaller differences can be measured between samples.

With the proper instrument and the appropriate accessories from HunterLab, very clear liquid samples can be accurately and repeatedly measured for color consistency.

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