Color Technology in Food and Dairy Products: Using Spectrophotometers for Multiple Methods of Analysis

In today’s food industry, there is one tool that surpasses the rest when it comes to food analysis: spectrophotometers. Spectrophotometry uses advanced color technology to analyze various components of food products and can provide a wealth of information about the foods we buy, sell, and consume. With heightened awareness around the globe regarding the safety and quality of our food choices, color technology addresses both of these concerns with one safe and easy-to-use tool.

milk jugs color technology
Food safety and quality depends of color technology to quickly and accurately analyze the properties of our foods. In the dairy industry, spectrophotometers provide a wealth of information needed to maintain both quality and safety standards.
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Color technology applications in the dairy industry

The dairy industry is one such field that uses advanced color technology to provide precise data about nearly every aspect of production and manufacturing. From protein, sugar, fat, and moisture content analysis to chemical composition and packaging, spectrophotometers can quantify color data using absorption and reflective values. All of these properties can be clearly identified using color technology, making spectrophotometry one of the most versatile tools in this industry.

ice cream color technology
Spectrophotometers can analyze the protein, sugar, fat, and moisture content of dairy products with one simple and easy to use tool, ensuring the safety and quality of all products.
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Not only are these tools highly adaptable to the various stages of dairy production, but color technology instrumentation also offers one of the only safe and non-destructive methods of analysis. These tools are not simply for laboratory use. The portable and durable design of today’s spectrophotometers allows for analysis throughout every stage of production without disturbing the integrity of food samples. Early on-line detection of even the slightest variations can alert quality control changes before they affect an entire batch. This process saves both time and money, and ensures quality and consistency in the final product.

Flexibility in sample measurements

Sample analysis in the dairy industry often begins with the collection of raw materials. Color technology instrumentation allows for quick and easy sample analysis on site, streamlining the production process. The time-consuming process of sending samples to the lab has been replaced by a cost-effective and reliable alternative which allows for an increased number of testing points. Continual sample monitoring ensures safety and quality throughout production and helps avoid costly errors, ensuring that your product meets strict industry regulations. In fact, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) recognizes color technology as a reliable method of food and dairy analysis, and the data provided meets the requirements for dairy grading and regulations.

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cheese color technology
Color technology takes the middle-man out of dairy analysis and can effectively provide multiple levels of data throughout the various stages of production. Image Source: Flickr’ user Bob Peters

Spectrophotometers are designed to measure various sample types. Whether collecting data from liquid of solid samples, color technology instrumentation is uniquely designed to measure these various characteristics. Sample holders for liquid analysis are easy to use and designed to provide data based on color absorption measurements, and solid samples can be instantly analyzed using reflectance values. All sample measurements can be calibrated for a specific purpose and advancements in software and data collection take the guesswork out of the analysis process.

Choices in color technology

Color technology offers a wide variety of instrumentation options that can be utilized in the food and dairy industries. At HunterLab we specialize in food production and provide versatile instrumentation options to meet a variety of color measurement needs. With over 60 years of experience, HunterLab has become a leader in color technology. Our support staff works together with our clients to ensure that they get most out of their investment and utilize the wide array of options available. To learn more about color technology and spectrophotometers within the dairy industry, please contact HunterLab today.

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