Color Contrast: How the Right Technology Can Help Your Product Make a Statement

Color contrast is important for drawing attention and getting noticed. I know this is true because whenever I take my young children out into public places, I always dress them in bright clothing with enough color contrast to stand out in a crowd. But color contrast is not merely for keeping track of wild kids. Market research shows that choosing the right colors will help your product stand out, and repeating color combinations consistently will lead to better product recognition and increased sales. When you want your product to get noticed, color contrast ratios and precise color measurements are a must.

cereal color contrast
Color contrast is often used to make products stand out. Bright bold colors get your attention and give the impression of fun and excitement.
Image Source: Flickr user Vox Efx

Color contrast applications

Color contrast is essentially the measurable amount of difference between two colors. When design elements exude a high level of color contrast, with either the surrounding materials or within the design itself, the intended final product will stand out visually. Visual perception of color contrast is what sets one item apart from another and is often used for safety purposes or marketing strategies.

sign color contrast
Color contrast is essential for creating visual differentiation to clearly define important information. The color elements of this sign have been specifically designed to create contrast and visibility.
Image Source: Flickr user Horia Varlan

Color contrast design is an important element of any product, especially when you want your merchandise to stand out from the rest. Research has concluded that 90% of consumers initially judge a product based on its color. In another study, The Interactive Effects of Colors, research shows how consumers develop a relationship between color and brand names, and that those colors must be “perceived as appropriate” and correlate directly with the item being sold. This evidence supports the principles of strong color design, ensuring that your product stands out through the use of consistent color contrast measurement tools.

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candy color contrast
Bright bold colors help products stand out. Color measurement tools ensure consistency and repeatability from batch to batch and warehouse to warehouse.
Image Source: Flickr user Alex Brown

Instrumental color measurement and human eye perception

Measuring and quantifying color is important for color matching and repeatability. Once your design elements are in place, it is crucial to ensure that your product stays consistent with consumer expectations. That is why instrumental color measurement tools are necessary for gathering data and ensuring repeatability, no matter when or where your product is manufactured.

Spectrophotometric technology today is designed to measure color the way it is seen by the human eye. This method of analysis provides objective data that simulates hues exactly the way they are perceived, allowing for both consistency and accuracy. Depending on product size and shape, specific geometric principles are used to guarantee the best results and meet various market and industry needs.

HunterLab is a leading producer of color measurement technology and our instrumentation is designed to meet these specific needs regardless of elements in product design. We offer a variety of products that accurately quantify color to ensure consistent color contrast and help maintain the look that is unique to your product. Our spectrophotometers are ruggedly designed and easy to use with many adaptations available to meet any color measurement challenge you may have. Our expert staff can help you determine the best tool for the job and our instrumentation is uniquely adaptable to meet specific application needs. Contact HunterLab today to learn more and find the right tools for all your color and design needs.

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