Energy Efficient Glass: Another Attribute of Advanced Color Technology

Glass is one of the most versatile and efficient products available. Its translucent quality has made it an effective material for light transmissions and building supplies. Glass comes in a variety of colors and can elevate the esthetic of nearly any architectural design. Color technology plays a vital role in maintaining the color quality needed to achieve each design concept while still providing the light transmission needed for functionality. However, color technology extends farther than just color matching and clarity. New technology uses energy efficient coatings on glass materials to lower the energy cost of a building and provide a new, eco-friendly energy source.

architectural glass color technology
Many architectural design elements utilize glass for its esthetic appeal and functionality. New technology adds energy efficiency to the list of elements that make glass a desirable building material product.
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Application of Spectrophotometry for Glass Materials

Spectrophotometry offers many applications in glass manufacturing. Natural lighting is one of the many desired elements in buildings materials and structural design. When measuring glass for windows and light-transmitting structures, it is important to make sure that the surface of the material does not interfere with light transmission. Today’s color technology can ensure that light penetration is optimized even with the addition of color or coatings to the glass surface. Spectrophotometry offers a method of analysis that measures light transmission values and quantifies these amounts in visible light nanometer measurements. The data provided ensures that the value of light that passes through the glass material meets the specifications desired in using this material as a natural light element in building projects and design.

color technology
Translucency and color are both important design elements in glass products and building materials.
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Colored glass is also highly desired to add extra dimension to architectural designs. Building specialists are looking for materials that offer both functionality and brightly-colored features. Color technology is used to create perfectly matching color in glass products and coatings while maintaining the functionality and purpose of the material. This method of analysis is preferred because of its versatility and efficiency in quantifying color, as well as other elements of glass building products. Whether you need to measure the thickness of a film or coating applied to the surface of a glass product or you need to measure the glass color itself, spectrophotometric technology is designed to adapt to each specific need.

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New Applications in Color Technology and Glass

Although esthetic appeal and natural light transmission are important qualities in glass building materials, advancements in color technology are creating new ways to add energy saving qualities to these already versatile materials. From solar reflective coatings to weather controlled/color changing glass, color technology is using light reflectance and absorption measurement to save energy and create new energy sources out of energy efficient building materials. Spectrophotometers use these measurement capabilities to quantify reflectance and absorption values as well as to determine the thickness of coatings. This information is valuable in creating a product with high functionality and consistency throughout. Color technology not only helps maintain quality control but is the foundational tool towards creating more energy-efficient products and innovative materials.

reflective glass color technology
Spectrophotometers measure reflectance and absorption values, providing valuable information about product efficiency and leading to innovations in building material design.
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The Name to Trust in Color Technology

At HunterLab, we strive to be a leader in color technology and research. With over 60 years of experience in spectrophotometric technology, we have become a trusted name in color measurement. We have a unique line of instrumentation designed specifically for measuring building materials and glass products. With several options to choose from, there is a color measurement tool designed to meet any need and budget. Our friendly staff is here to assist you in selecting a color measurement tool that will best meet your needs. For more information on color technology and glass building material measurement, contact HunterLab today.

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