What Is a Dual-Beam Spectrophotometer?

Spectrophotometers are pieces of equipment that scientifically measure color by measuring light as individual wavelengths. In industrial and commercial settings, spectrophotometers are useful for determining product color and ensuring customer satisfaction. Dual-beam spectrophotometers allow businesses to ensure color quality control for medication, food, beverages, medical test samples and more. Today, dual-beam spectrophotometers are essential to product development, manufacturing and quality assurance.

What Is Color Analysis?

Color analysis can determine which colors work best for a brand, complement each other and denote quality for your unique line of products. Through color analysis, you can determine whether a batch of your product has the correct chemical makeup and adheres to the strict standards your customers expect. Color analysis also allows you to determine which color pairings best suit your brand and are aesthetically and psychologically pleasing to your customers.

Single-Beam vs. Double-Beam Spectrophotometers

A color measurement is a ratio of the measurement of the sample of interest to the measurement of a Perfect Reflecting diffuser (PRD). To do this one begins by standardizing the instrument by placing the PRD in the instrument and measuring it, then placing the Sample and measuring it. These two separate measurements are then ratioed wavelength by wavelength. In a single beam instrument, one has to hope that the light source used to illuminate the sample is extremely stable, otherwise, errors can be introduced during the ratio process. As long as this error is smaller than the color acceptance tolerance for the sample then the less expensive Single Beam instrument is satisfactory. When having correct product color is critical then a Dual-Beam instrument should be employed.

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Applications of Double-Beam Spectrophotometers

A dual-beam spectrophotometer measures granules, liquids, powders, pellets and opaque solids and gives you a fast and precise spectrophotometric value. A high-quality dual-beam spectrophotometer will have excellent sample volume capacity and a broad dynamic range — plus offer you lifetime use. Users often employ dual-beam spectrophotometers to analyze the following materials and more:

  • Food and beverage products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical test samples

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