What Light Technology Can Do For You? How Color Measurement Illuminates the Future of Modern Science

Let there be light! From man’s first discovery of fire to the invention of the light bulb, light has played an important role in human development and technology. Light technology envelopes a wide array of manufacturing and scientific applications and many of today’s professions rely on it to keep things running smoothly from day to day. Numerous industries make use of light-based technology to maintain quality control, determine various compounds and substances, monitor freshness and safety of food products, and maintain color consistency between various products. All of these applications are achieved using one simple light technology tool: the spectrophotometer.

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Light technology is leading the way towards the future of scientific research and applications in everyday life. The spectrophotometer is one of the most versatile tools used in today’s modern science in light-based instrumentation and is used for various scientific and industrial applications.
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Spectrophotometric technology has not only paved the way in light-based instrumentation, but further research and development of light technology has found new ways to utilize these devices. This technology is taking nearly every industry by storm due to its accuracy, portability, ease-of-use, and affordability. All of these traits combined with versatility make spectrophotometry the light technology choice of the future.

Applications in spectrophotometry

Spectrophotometers have infiltrated many various areas of science and manufacturing. They can be found anywhere from the field to warehouse to the production line and beyond. Spectrophotometric technology has found uses both inside and outside the laboratory, with multiple applications in the following fields:

These applications merely touch the surface of what light technology can achieve using spectrophotometric analysis. New research and discoveries are being made daily with spectrophotometric light technology, and these findings have been used to explore the unknown from here on Earth to the infinite depths of space. Since its inception in the early 1940’s, even the instrumentation itself has changed immensely Spectrophotometers are now smaller, more durable and lightweight, making them ideal for nearly any purpose or application.

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New spectrophotometric technology can measure various surface textures and colors, providing the most accurate and precise results in color quantification.
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Advancements in spectrophotometric technology

Spectrophotometric technology advancements are constantly occurring throughout the industry. As the list of applications grow, so do the needs for modifications in technology. Smaller and easier-to-use instrumentation is needed for portability and multiple user agreements. Ruggedness and durability are a must for in the field applications where instrumentation may be exposed to dirt, dust, and other elements of nature. As these modifications and various needs arise, light technology and spectrophotometric instrumentation must also adapt to these changes.

Spectrophotometers today use light absorption and reflectance values to differentiate various colors and elements of substances at a  highly accurate and precise level. Repeatability in color and composition can now be achieved on the processing line and from factory to factory around the world. Inter-instrument agreement of new technology ensures that no matter where a sample measurement is taken or who is operating the instrumentation, results will stay consistent and quality control standards will be met.

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Today’s manufacturers are developing various products around the globe. To ensure that all parts work esthetically as one complete whole, inter-instrument agreement is a must.
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New technology based instrumentation

HunterLab is a leading name in spectrophotometric technology. With over 60+ years in the color measurement industry, we have become proven experts in light technology. Our instrumentation is continually adapting to the ever-changing advancements of the world around us. We design each color measurement tool to be uniquely adaptable for a variety of applications and as new improvements are made, our instrumentation compatibility remains the same. We work hard to develop instrumentation that works hard for you. For the latest information on light technology and advancements in spectrophotometric instrumentation, contact HunterLab today.

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