Spectrophotometry in Orodispersible Medications: Measuring a New Trend in Pharmaceuticals

I am not sure if my family is ready for another cold and flu season, especially with the kids back in school and bringing home their fair share of germs. The first temperature that strikes brings restless nights and endless fights as I try to force feed fever reducing medications by any means necessary. Trust me, I’ve tried them all; syringe injecting to the back of the throat or trying to hide the broken pill pieces in chocolate pudding only to still find them at the bottom of the cup in the end. However, thanks to the invention of orodispersible medication, the fight is over!

handful of pill orodispersible
Solid pills and capsules can be difficult for many to swallow. Orodispersible strips and tablets are ideal for both the pediatric and the geriatric generation, for whom proper dose and effectiveness can be compromised by swallowing difficulties.
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Orodispersible medications are making waves in the pharmaceutical world by offering a large array of medications in oral form that dissolve quickly in the mouth. This provides a solution for many, both young and old, who may have swallowing difficulties or other oral deficits. Orodespersible medications only require a small amount of saliva to rapidly dissolve in the mouth without the need for water, and they offer exact dose measurements each time. With these numerous benefits, orodespersible tablets and strips are gaining popularity and pharmaceutical manufacturers are finding ways to create accurate and quantifiable measurements throughout the various stages of processing with the help of spectrophotometers

The role of color measurement in orodispersible manufacturing

Orodispersible medication is processed by using a highly concentrated form of the drug and creating small dissolvable dosages that are loaded with precisely the exact amount of medication needed for single dose applications. Due to the high drug-loading capacity of orodispresible drugs, measurements must be exact at every stage of development. From powder form, to dissolvable form, to final product analysis, exact specification and identification is measured through the use of UV spectrophotometers. The drug resin is tested using the batch method to determine the ratios of drug concentrations needed for each particular application. The UV spectrophotometer measures color value to determine concentration levels that correlate with specific numerical values. This process can be used on prepared powdered mixtures during both pre and post compression evaluations.

drug powder orodispersible
Powdered drug mixtures are compressed to make thin dissolvable strips that are easy to administer. Proper concentrations must be accurately measured using spectrophotometers for accuracy.
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Orodisperible sample measurement batches require limited sample sizes. Spectrophotometric analysis must be equipped to handle micro-measurements while still obtaining accurate results. Thus, the end product results in a perfect combination of super disintegrants and drug content uniformity using only minimal components to ensure the easiest form of administration. Spectrophotometer analysis aids in monitoring drug content and stability throughout the processing of orodispersible drugs.

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test tube orodispersible
Drug content can be measured using a UV Spectrophotometer by dissolving sample batches and measuring light absorption values.
Image Source: Flickr user Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR)

UV spectrophotometer options for color measurement

UV spectrophotometers are available in a variety of options based on industry standards and needs. HunterLab specializes in the color measurement needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers and works together with their clients to find the best possible solution, at the right price. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you learn more about the world of color measurement. Contact HunterLab today to see how we can help you meet your color measurement needs.

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