Independent Test Lab for DDG Color of Dried Distillers Grain?

FAQ: “Do you know of a test lab for DDG Color of Dried Distillers Grain?

DDG stands for ‘Dried Distillers Grain”. While its origins are based on evaluation of the residual protein content of wheat and corn for cattle feed that had been used in the distillation of whiskey, bourbon and spirits, it has moved on from distillers to serve the same purpose for the biofuels industry.

In addition to DDG Color testing indicative of residual protein content, other quality parameters also tested are amino acid and mycotoxin content; presence of antibiotic residues; trace mineral content and wet chemical analyses for crude protein, fat, fiber and moisture.

HunterLab has several instruments that can measure DDG Color but if you need an independent lab for DDG Color testing, here are two options:

MVTL Minnesota Valley Testing Lab
Feed Laboratory
New Ulm, MN 56073 USA

SGS North America Inc.
Rutherford, NJ 07070 USA
+201 508 3000

MVTL is a focused agricultural test company while SGS is a larger global test lab.

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