How to perform a clean uninstall of EasyMatch QC-ER

Be warned – this note assumes that you want to completely remove or “clean” EasyMatch QC-ER from your PC and start over. No user data will be saved. The following steps are what you need to do for a complete uninstall of EasyMatch QC-ER.

  • For either a network or local PC installation, the person performing this complete uninstall of EasyMatch QC-ER software must be a System Administrator for the PC with privilege to uninstall software on that computer.
  • Go to Start/Control Panel/Programs and remove the following from the list of installed programs (note version):
EasyMatchQC-ER Client (old version)
EasyMatchQC-ER Server (old version)
EasyMatchQC-ER Pre-Installation Wizard (old version)
Remove the EasyMatch QC-ER Client, Server and Pre-Installation Wizard from the Control Panel.


  • In addition, remove the Sentinel Protection Installer by SafeNet, Inc. This is the driver for the HunterLab SuperPro hardware key or dongle.
13-09-15 Delete SuperPro key driver for EZMQC-ER upgrade
Also remove the HunterLab SuperPro key driver through the Control Panel.
  • Remove the HunterLab SuperPro license key or dongle from its USB port on the PC.The hardware key can be any color but is typically purple or black and recognized with a ""HunterLab" label on it.
  • Using File Explorer, verify that the following folders for EZMQC-ER > ver 4.20 are entirely removed:
C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC-ER Client
C:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC-ER Pre-Installation Wizard
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\HunterLab
C:\Program Files (x86)\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC-ER Client
C:\Program Files (x86)\HunterLab\ EasyMatchQC-Server
C:\Program Files (x86)\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC-ER Pre-Installation Wizard

EasyMatchQC-ER has been completely removed from your PC.

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