Does EasyMatch QC software report peak absorbance?

FAQ: “Does EasyMatch QC software report peak absorbance?”

Yes, the EasyMatch QC software can measure peak absorbance of solutions. One way to do this is to select Spectral Plot and Configure. Change the Spectral Data Type to Absorbance using the drop down menu and click ok. The plot will now change to Absorbance. On the left hand side of the plot are the names of the samples as well as the min/max points from the plot. (Shown below) This provides the min and max absorbance of the samples.

The Spectral Data Table will also show this information. If you right click/ configure on the Spectral Data Table you can select the spectral data type as absorbance. The software should then highlight the min/max points in purple.

Spectral Data Table Configuration and Spectral Data Table
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