What is the best way to back-up data from EasyMatch QC?

FAQ: “What is the best way to back up data from the EasyMatch QC software?”

There are several ways to backup the data from the EasyMatch QC software. First note that data is stored two ways in the EasyMatch QC software.

First,  any and all standard and sample measurements that are taken are stored in the database. Second, data can be stored in EasyMatch QC in Jobs. Jobs contain specific sets of standards and samples that the user defines. For example you might have a product ‘Blue’ and you would have a ‘Blue’ Job that contains the Blue standard and then all sample measurements associated with the Blue product.

You will have to discuss with your colleagues how exactly they wish to back up their data, i.e. if they would prefer to back up the data stored within the Jobs or just store measurements. At the very minimum it is recommended that you back up the database.

To identify the database that the EasyMatch software is currently using open the software and go to Options/ System Configuration/ Data Storage. A new window will open.  One of the fields in this window is Database Name, and the space to the right of this identifier indicates the path and name of the current database being used.

For EasyMatch QC software V 4.00, the database should be located at C:\Program Files\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC\Jobs. For EasyMatch QC V 4.20 and above,  it will be located at C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC\Jobs. The EasyMatch QC database is stored as a Microsoft Access Database (a .mbd file.)

If your colleagues wish to also back up all jobs that they use, you can simply back up the whole Jobs folder at the location described above.

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