Why am I getting a Blank page when printing in EasyMatch QC?

FAQ: “Why am I getting a blank page when I print my job in EasyMatch QC?”

To be able to print your data from EasyMatch QC you must first configure the setup. To do this,  go to File/ Print Job Set up in the EasyMatch QC software. A new window will open. This window has three white spaces (from left to right): Selected Views to Print, a blank page, and then Available Views.

The Available Views section should list all of your available views from your job template configuration. You will need to select from the available views which ones to print. Note that if you want a customized header/footer you will need to configure this in File/ Header/Footer Setup first.

To select the available views use the <<Add button to move them to the ‘Selected Views to Print’ section.

You will now use the views in the ‘Selected Views to Print’ section to configure the blank page in the middle of the window. To do this first select a view from the ‘Selected Views to Print’ section (it should be highlighted in blue.) Once you have selected the view, move the cursor to a blank page in the middle. These views are arranged by clicking and dragging to create a box. This allows you to customize the layout of your printed job.

An example picture is shown below of the Print Job Setup window. The first picture shows the clicking and dragging that is required. The second picture shows the finished Print Job Setup configuration. Please note this is just an example.

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Once you have configured the Print Job Setup click OK to save the changes.

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