How can I change the Decimal Places displayed in EZMQC?

FAQ: “I want to be able to change the display in EasyMatch QC to show only 1 decimal place. How do I do this?”

It is very easy to customize the number of decimal places displayed in the EasyMatch QC software. To do this go to the Color Data Table and right click, then select Configure. On the bottom right side of this window you should see ‘Digits Beyond Default’. The default digit is 2 decimal places. If you wish to display only 1 decimal place use the down arrow to select -‘1’. If you wish to display 3 decimal places use the up arrow to select ‘1’.

The Color Data Table Configuration Window

Once you set your desired ‘Digits Beyond Default’ click OK to apply these changes. This will now change the digits for every metric displayed in your Color Data Table. To apply this change to all future new Jobs go to File/Save Job Template As and save to the “01 Basic Color Data.”

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