How can I make changes to the Default Job Template?

FAQ: “I have made some changes to my Color Data Table that do not appear to be taking effect. How can I make sure that all of these changes are applied to all of my new Jobs?”

These changes are not being applied to all of the new Jobs because this needs to be set as the Default Job Template. To do this first go to your Color Data Table and right-click and select Configure. Use this window to select your Color Scale, Color Differences, Indices, Illuminant and Observer. Once you have made your desired selections click OK to apply these changes.

Color Data Table

If you want to change or delete any other views (Spectral Plot, 2D Color Plot, etc.) do so at this time. Once you have made all changes to the EasyMatch QC software save the Default Job Template.

Go to File/Save Job Template As, give your new template a name and click Save. Once you have saved this as a Job Template go to Options/Application Preferences/Startup Defaults. The first option in this window is Choose the Default Job Template (this option should be enabled.) Click the “…” button on the right side to set the Default Job Template. This will open a window that allows you to find the saved Job Template and select Open. Finally click OK to save these changes in EasyMatch QC.

Application Preferences/Startup Defaults

Now when you open EasyMatch QC or create a new Job, your Default Job Template will be used.

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