How can I set up the instrument in Multi-Mode?

FAQ: “I would like to be able to read my product in Reflectance Specular Included (RSIN) mode and Reflectance Specular Excluded (RSEX) mode. Is this possible to do without manually switching modes every time?”

Yes, the EasyMatch QC software has a function called Multi Mode. Multi Mode is set up so the instrument can standardize and read in two separate but similar modes.

To set up Multi-Mode, first go to Sensor/Set Modes and make sure both modes you wish to use have been set up. If they have not click on the Add Mode button to add and configure them. Next go to Sensor/Configure Multi-Mode. A new window will open that lists Selected Modes (this area will be blank if you have not configured Multi-Mode before) and Available Modes (this area will list the available modes configured.)

In the example below RSIN and RSEX modes are listed in the Available Modes section. To add these modes to the Selected Modes section:

  • Click on the mode you wish to add to the Selected Modes section (so that it is highlighted in blue.)
  • Then click the Include button. You should now see this mode listed in the Selected Modes section.
  • Repeat the process for the other mode.
  • Click OK to save the changes.
The Configure Multi Mode Window.
The Configure Multi-Mode Window.

Now that the Multi-Mode has been configured the option must be turned on. To turn on Multi-Mode go to Options/Read Method. Use the drop down menu under Read Method to select Multiple Read Mode. Click OK to save the changes.

When you take Standard or Sample readings two measurements will be taken. The first measurement will be taken in first mode listed in Selected Modes in the Configure Multi- Mode window, the second will be taken in the second mode. You will then be prompted to enter the Standard or Sample name for each measurement after the measurements are taken.

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If there is every any question as to what mode a Standard or Sample was read in, select the record in the Job Tree and right click and select Properties. The Properties window will list the mode that the record was read in.

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