How can I use EasyMatch QC on a Network?

FAQ: “A customer would like to load EasyMatch QC software on a single server and then access EZMQC from several different terminals – is this possible?”

Unfortunately EZMQC does not support installation on a central server and activation from multiple computers, moving the hardware key from terminal to terminal to allow access.

As an alternative, EZMQC software could be installed on a single system (say a server) and then activated on a single terminal connected to the server via remote desktop sharing software or PC Sharing hardware. The hardware key would be installed in a USB port on the server.

FAQ: “We have a situation where a customer has 5 sensors and PCs along a line. Samples are being taken from the line and measured on the 5 different instruments at different points along the line, effectively monitoring the process. The customer wants to feed them into a common Job and Access Database.”

In EasyMatch QC, data can be saved in Jobs or a database (Access or Sequel Server). The key issue in allowing multiple PCs to save data into the same Jobs and/or database is whether the Jobs or database can “live update” with each measurement taken from multiple systems.

Live update can described as follows. Multiple HunterLab sensors are each connected to a personal computer and operate separately using EZMQC software on each PC. All systems are accessing the same Jobs and/or database such that when a measurement is taken from any of the multiple instruments, the central database or Job is updated. Live update allows this same reading to be recalled from the database and displayed automatically on all other EZMQC systems software.

EZMQC software does not have a live update feature that allows multiple users to access the same EZMQC Job or database simultaneously.

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An alternative method to achieving the same result is to use the ASCII Export feature within each EasyMatch QC system to send data to a central LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for simultaneous viewing of measurement data.

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