What is needed for a successful new installation of EasyMatch QC software?

Here is what is needed for a successful new installation of HunterLab EasyMatch QC software:

  1. The person installing EasyMatch QC software must be a System Administrator  for either a network or local PC installation, with software installation privileges for that computer. This is our most common installation problem, i.e. when a person believes they have Administrative privileges but they may not.
  2. Occasionally, network administrators will close all COM ports for security purposes. For EasyMatch to communicate with HunterLab sensors, the serial or USB COM port connected to the sensor must be open. Similarly, the CD Drive must be open to allow the EasyMatch QC software on CD to be read and installed.
  3. As part of the software license, HunterLab installs a SuperPro hardware key or dongle at a USB port on the PC. This key must be in place to successfully start up our EasyMatch QC software. The driver for this key is loaded as part of the normal EasyMatch QC installation. The USB port where this dongle is inserted must be open to allow communications with this hardware key.
  4. After installation of EasyMatch QC software (versions > 4.20), the following privilege levels must be set by the System Administrator for the network or local PC:
    • All Users must have read privileges to “c:\Program Files\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC” folder and all sub-folders.
    • All Users must have read privileges to “c:\Program Files\Common Files\HunterLab” folder and all sub-folders.
    • All Users must have read/write/modify privileges to “c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC” and all sub-folders. This is where all User-created or modified files are kept and read/write privilege is needed for all Users to read and save measurement data. This is the folder that should be archived for safety of User data.
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