How can we export data from EasyMatch QC?

FAQ: “We would like to access data outside the EasyMatch QC software. How can we export data from EasyMatch QC?”

In EasyMatch QC, we have an ASCII Export and Data Send features that can be set up to manually (batch export) or automatically (every new measurement) export to a file, COM port or IP address. The user can configure the data they want to send out of EasyMatch in ASCII characters with the delimiter symbol chosen for separation of the data pieces. They can then configure and parse their LIMs data collection system to bring the data format in.

There are two ways to export data from the EasyMatch QC software: ASCII Export and Data Send. These options can be found under the Options menu.

The ASCII Export feature exports the readings from the Job Tree into the format selected during Configuration, and to a file location on the computer or network. The Data Send feature exports the readings from the Job Tree into the format that was chosen during Configuration, and to a device.

Both of these options must first be Configured before use. The Configuration window can be opened by going to Options/ ASCII Export/ Configure for the ASCII Export feature and Options/ Data Send/ Configure for the Data Send feature. A screen shot of the configuration window can be seen below.

The information currently selected for export is displayed on the left side of the window and all of the available parameters are listed on the right side of the window. Select each desired item from the drop down menus on the right side of the window and click the left arrow (<<) button nearest to the item to move the selected item to the Selected Items list. If you wish to delete a field from the Selected Items list highlight the item to delete and click the right arrow (>>) button to remove it from the list. The up arrow and down arrow allow you to move selected items up or down the list.

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If the Auto Export Use This File option is selected then you will need to enter or browse for the directory and name for the export file in the box below this option. If the Auto Export New Data option is selected any new measurements taken will be exported to the location assigned using the location specified with the Auto Export Use This File option. The file extension .CSV will automatically be appended if you chose to export to a comma-delimited file. The file extension .TXT will be appended for all other types of files. Click OK when all selections have been made.

When you select Export Data (for an ASCII export) you will be prompted for the output file name. Data is sent when you click OK. When you select Send Data (for the Data Send) you will be prompted for the output device, then data is sent to the device when you click OK.

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