How can I interface an older sensor to EasyMatch QC?

FAQ: “Will the EasyMatch QC accept our old Color Quest 45/0 sensor and how do I load the calibration file?”

 Yes, you can interface to the ColorQuest 45/0.  It loads into the EasyMatch QC software the same way as our newer sensors but with a slight difference in the procedure.

Our newer instruments have the tile calibration data stored on sensor memory chips that are read directly during the sensor installation in EZMQC.

The ColorQuest 45/0, ColorQuest Sphere and LabScan have a physical calibration file that you will be prompted for. This sensor calibration file was originally supplied on a 3.5 in floppy that often is in the standards box. If Universal software is on the same PC, there should also be a copy of this calibration file in the c:Universe folder.  You can point to this folder for upload. If you have misplaced your sensor calibration file, contact HunterLab.

To load any of these sensors, go to Sensor/Install-Configure/Add Sensor and select “ColorQuest 45/0”, “ColorQuest Sphere” or “LabScan”.

It should be named “CQXXXX.dat” or “LSXXXX.dat” where XXXX is the serial number of instrument.

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