If I select D65/10 to read XYZ what will happen when I read YI?

FAQ: “One question we are a little unclear about – if you set X, Y, Z on D65/10° in the Color Data View to read back the White Tile for a calibration check, will it make the YI Yellowness Index read in D65/10°, or is it fixed to C/2°?”

How to Configure Color Data View for single metrics with fixed conditons
If you select a single metric like Yellowness or Whiteness with fixed conditions in square brackets, it displays for those illuminant/observer conditions even if your color scale uses another combination.

If you put your mouse over the Color Data, then Right Click/Configure, you can select either a full 3 number color scale like CIE L*, a*, b* under the “Scales” drop down box, or a single index like YI Yellowness Index under the “Indices” drop down selection.

You can select the 3D color scales for as many illuminant/observer combinations as you wish to report and they will display on multiple tabs in the Color Data View.

Single color scales, selected under “Indices”, may have square brackets beside the label indicating a special display condition for the scale.

Selecting color scales with fixed conditions in EZMQC Color Data ViewIn this example, Yellowness Index per ASTM E313, YI E313, can be selected for two (2) illuminant (C, D65) and two (2) Standard Observer conditions (1931 2°, 1964 10º) . “YI E313 [C/2°]” can be calculated and displayed for that fixed illuminant/observer combination only, irrespective of the illuminant/observer conditions shown in the Color Scale tab.

Metrics such as “Y Brightness”, where there is no condition in square brackets shown, are calculated and displayed for all illuminant/observer conditions you have selected.

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