“How do I get data off my MiniScan EZ or ColorFlex EZ if I do not have EasyMatch QC software?”

FAQ: “How do I get data off my MiniScan EZ or ColorFlex EZ if I do not have EasyMatch QC software?”

The best way to get stored data off the MiniScan EZ and the ColorFlex EZ is to use the CSV export option found on the instruments.

To use the CSV export you will need a USB thumb drive (A10-1013-423) and if you have a MSEZ you will need an adapter cable (A21-1013-859).  Adapter cables and flash drives can be purchased from HunterLab.

The MSEZ  and the CFEZ instruments should recognize the USB thumb drive. Once the thumb drive is recognized, navigate to the ‘Saved Readings’ option in the main menu.  Under ‘Saved Readings’, select ‘CSV Export’.  This option will transfer the data log to the thumb drive as a CSV file which can be opened and used with Excel.


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