How can I upgrade or install EasyMatch QC software on a new computer?

  1. For either a network or local PC installation, the person installing EasyMatch QC software must be a System Administrator for the PC, with software installation privileges for both the old and new computers.
  2. Copy all User created or modified files and sub-folders at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC for versions > 4.20 (or c:\HunterLab\Program Files\EasyMatch QC for versions < 4.20) to a USB flash disk for file transfer. To determine your installed version of EasyMatch QC, go to Help/About.
  3. Occasionally, network administrators will close the CD drive to conform to the network security policy. On a new PC make sure the CD drive is open to allow the EasyMatch QC software CD to be read and installed. If the installation is made from a USB drive, then a USB port must be open.
  4. Remove the HunterLab SuperPro hardware key or dongle from a USB port on the old PC and take it to your new PC. Your HunterLab hardware key will work correctly after the upgrade and must be in place at a USB port on the new computer to successfully start-up your new EasyMatch QC upgrade.
  5. On the new PC, install the EZMQC software from the installation CD by activating the EasyMatch QC Menu program. Follow the steps to install the EasyMatch QC software to completion. Please note that you must see a “installation successful” message before you are done.
  6. Copy all User files and sub-folders from your flash drive to the same location on the PC (c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC for versions > 4.20 or c:\HunterLab\Program Files\EasyMatch QC for versions < 4.20). Copy over existing files if necessary.
  7. Take the HunterLab SuperPro hardware key from its USB port on the old computer and install it at any USB port on the new computer. Wait a moment for the hardware key to be recognized the first time by the operating system. Your hardware key will still work correctly on the new computer.
  8. Start EasyMatch and it should come right up with the sensor installed. User-created and/or modified files such as Jobs or Sensor information should not be affected.
  9. Standardize as normal and begin taking color measurements.
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If you have any installation difficulties, search our FAQs on EZMQC installation, or contact HunterLab.

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