Can I manually enter color values into EasyMatch QC?

FAQ: “Can I manually enter L* a* b* values into EasyMatch QC?”

If you have a specific set of L* a* b* values, you can manually enter them into EasyMatch QC. To do this make sure nothing is selected in the job tree. Then right click in the job tree and select either Enter Standard Data or Enter Sample Data.

In this new window specify whether to enter colorimetric or spectral values. You can also choose the illuminant and observer and the color scale. Once these parameters are set you can enter your values into the appropriate value box.

Click OK and then you will be prompted to enter a Standard or Sample ID.

FAQ: Can I manually enter Yellowness or Whiteness Index values in EasyMatch QC?

Not directly, but if you enter any 3-number color scale, single number metrics such as WI or YI can be derived and automatically displayed.

Note that if the YI or WI metric is defined for C/2° or D65/10°, you must enter the X, Y, Z or L*, a*, b* values for that illuminant/observer combination or it will not display.

Hand enter Colorimetric Data to display YI WI
Three (3) number colorimetric L*, a*, b* values were manually entered for C/2 conditions. This hand entry will not display as a spectral plot or for other illuminant/observer conditions. The derivative Yellowness Index or Whiteness Index will only display for C/2.

If you want to display colorimetric or specialized YI and WI values for all illuminant/observer combinations, manually enter the spectral data for the material.

Hand enter Spectral Data to display YI WI
If you hand enter or copy/paste spectral data for the full spectral range, EasyMatch QC will display spectral data and plot, colorimetric data and special indices for all illuminant/observer conditions.

FAQ: “I am familiar with manually entering color data in the Master Color Data View of Universal software. How is this different?”

You can enter colorimetric (3 numbers) and spectral data in EZMQC using the method above just like you can in Universal. The difference is that all data manipulation is done through the Job Tree on the right. The other EasyMatch QC displays just display the data whether it is measured or entered. You can configure these displays in terms of how they show the data but you cannot enter data in these views directly like you could in the Master Color Data View or Spectral Data View in Universal.

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In EasyMatch QC, we made this mechanism of manual entry of colorimetric or spectral data a little more formal to prevent operators from accidentally entering and changing data.


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