How can I use EasyMatch QC to measure Contrast Ratio Opacity?

Contrast Ratio Opacity measurement quantifies how opaque a sheet sample using two readings. One reading is taken with the black glass or light trap backing the sample at the port. The second reading is taken with the sample backed by a white tile or the white sample clamp insert. EasyMatch QC will prompt you for the proper backing when taking opacity measurements.

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What are Hydrochromic or Hygrochromic Color Samples?

Both “hydro” coming from Greek origins for water and “hygro” coming from the Greek “hygrós” for wet or moist, tend to be used in two terms for the same optical phenomena.

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Wet Specimen Port for the MiniScan EZ 45/0 LAV

FAQ: “Do we have a method of reading wet paint with a MSEZ-4500L? Short legs etc?”

HunterLab has a field-installable, wet specimen port (D02-1014-416) featuring a thin, circular, raised lip to keep the port flush and above the wet layer. Continue reading

How do I read Opacity on my MiniScan EZ (or ColorFlex EZ) instrument?

FAQ: “How do I read Opacity on my MiniScan EZ (or ColorFlex EZ) instrument?”

To measure opacity you will first need to navigate to the product set up you wish to configure. Once in the product set up you will need to make sure that the standard is set to WORKING. Then navigate to the View you would like to configure. One in the view you will need to set your desired Display, Ill/Obs, and Color Scale. In the Color Index field use the left and right arrows to navigate to the OP (opacity) index.

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