Optimal inter-instrument agreement and communication of color values

To communicate color values effectively, completely specify the 6 parameters of your measurement method and verify that your color measurement is repeatable. These are the key factors to ensure inter-instrument agreement.

The best inter-instrument agreement in color measurement at multiple locations occurs when a product is measured with the same instrument model from the same manufacturer combined with the same measurement method at all sites.

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What is the Hunter Rd, a, b Color Scale?

Hunter Rd, a, b Color ScaleThe Hunter Rdab opponent-color scale, developed in 1943, was an early version of the Hunter L, a, b scale. 

Instead of L, Rd is used to designate lightness and is identical to the CIE Y Brightness/Luminosity value.  Sometimes the Rd, a, b color scale is shown as LRd, aRd, bRd. Continue reading

Do you have a formula to convert Hunter Lab values to CIE L*a*b*?

FAQ: “Do you have a formula to calculate Hunter L, a, b values from CIE L*, a*, b* values?” Continue reading