How can we export data from EasyMatch QC?

FAQ: “We would like to access data outside the EasyMatch QC software. How can we export data from EasyMatch QC?”

In EasyMatch QC, we have an ASCII Export and Data Send features that can be set up to manually (batch export) or automatically (every new measurement) export to a file, COM port or IP address. The user can configure the data they want to send out of EasyMatch in ASCII characters with the delimiter symbol chosen for separation of the data pieces. They can then configure and parse their LIMs data collection system to bring the data format in.

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How can I import data from MiniScan EZ (and ColorFlex EZ) directly into EasyMatch QC?

FAQ: “Can I use the EasyMatch QC software to import data from my MiniScan EZ or ColorFlex EZ?” Continue reading