Stained Instrument Light Blocker

FAQ: “The black plate was accidentally stained with a oil-like substance. The oil can’t be removed by using clean wipe. Can you advise how can we remove the stain? Can we wash it with detergent?” Continue reading

Do you need to replace a damaged Instrument White Tile?

12-03-29 03 damaged USPRO Japanese Opal white instrument standard

FAQ: “I’m attaching a couple of pictures that I took from one of our UltraScan PROs. You see there is a crack on the white tile which does not look good to me. Do we need to replace this instrument white tile standard?

 Unfortunately, this instrument white tile will need to be replaced. Continue reading

Can you provide instructions to replace the Instrument White Tile?

Instructions for Replacing the White Tile on your HunterLab Instrument

When purchasing a replacement white tile you will receive a CD that accompanies your new tile. This CD will list your instrument model and serial number.

Installation CD that accompanies your new white tile.
Installation CD that accompanies your new white tile.

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