Diffuse Sphere Instruments

Diffuse Sphere Instruments
Diffuse Sphere Instruments

HunterLab manufactures, directional 45/0 instruments and also diffuse sphere instruments, with diffuse/8˚ geometry. The UltraScan PRO, UltraScan VIS and Vista are all bench top sphere instruments available from HunterLab.

With sphere instruments, measuring in reflectance the sample is illuminated from all directions (diffusely) and the detector receives reflected light at 8˚ from the normal to the sample surface. This allows the instruments to measure in specular included or specular excluded modes. When specular excluded mode is used the specular reflectance is negated; this is especially helpful when measuring product in a glass sample cup as it negates the shine. However, most reflectance measurements on sphere instruments are taken in specular included mode.

Sphere instruments also have the ability to measure samples in transmission mode. Transmission mode is used to measure translucent or transparent materials and these can be either liquids or solids. HunterLab sphere instruments (except for the Vista) also have the ability to measure Haze, this serves to indicate internal scattering.

HunterLab sphere instruments are a popular choice for many industries because of their versatility. Not only can sphere instruments take transmission and haze measurement, but they can also measure in specular included and excluded reflectance modes. These features make HunterLab sphere instruments a good fit for a wide variety of applications.

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